Confirmed: Goldie Cheung quits X Factor

xFactor - Goldie Cheung

The X Factor’s Goldie Cheung has pulled out of the show despite getting though to the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition.

Her withdrawal means another wannabe will be thrown a lifeline; they’ll replace her in the Over 25s group mentored by Louis Walsh.

Goldie Cheung said: “The X Factor has been a fantastic experience and very challenging for me at times. I was very grateful to Louis for offering me a place in the final.

She added: “However, I have decided to withdraw from the competition because I knew I would miss my family so much. I wish all the finalists the best of luck and look forward to watching them every week.

Hong Kong-born Goldie made a name for herself in the first episode of this series, she was filmed being sick as she struggled to overcome her nerves she then took to the stage and gave a truly eccentric performance that ended with her wrapping herself around Gary Barlow.

During bootcamp, she targeted the Take That star again, chasing him around Wembley Arena.

Goldie made an impression from her very first appearance on X Factor when she puked into a bag before stepping on stage. She gyrated to a song called Copper Bell (that no one had heard of), before launching into a rendition of Tina Turner’s version of Proud Mary.

Louis Walsh said: “It was such a shame Goldie had to pull out of the competition. I thought she had great potential to entertain viewers in the live shows.” He continued: “But it has given someone else an amazing opportunity and although it was a hard decision of who to replace her with, I am pleased with my choice.

Of course it could be argued that Goldie shouldn’t have been voted into bootcamp in the first place due to her awful singing she was, however, very good entertainment. But should that have been enough? What do you think? Are you sorry to see Goldie Cheung leave X Factor?

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