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BGT: 2012 voting results revealed!

We are super-thrilled that the amazing Ashleigh And Pudsey took the title of Britain’s Got Talent champion 2012.

Now that we finally know who this year’s winner is, let’s have a look at the percentage of votes from each day of the Live Shows. It is a numbers game, after all!

Semi Final 1
Ashleigh & Pudsey – 50.0%
Only Boys Aloud – 30.4%
The Mend – 11.8%
Zipparah Tafari – 2.3%
Lauren Thalia – 1.8%
Rachel Knowland – 1.2%
The Jive Aces – 1.0%
Analiza Ching – 0.9%
United We Stand – 0.6%

Semi Final 2

Jonathan & Charlotte – 75.3%
Kai & Natalia – 6.2%
Paige Turley – 5.2%
Four Corners – 4.7%
Karizma Krew – 2.4%
Graham Blackledge – 1.9%
The Showbears – 1.8%
Cascade – 1.6%
Fish on Percussion – 0.9%

Semi Final 3

Loveable Rogues – 40.4%
Molly Rainford – 22.2%
Twist & Pulse Dance Co – 17.6%
Dennis Egel – 5.5%
Ashley Elliott – 4.9%
The Zimmers – 3.3%
Lucky – 2.7%
Area 51 – 2.2%
Honey Shazad – 1.2%

Semi Final 4

Sam Kelly – 26.8%
Malakai Paul – 25.2%
Nu Sxool – 20.0%
Be Minor – 9.7%
Brynolf & Ljung – 7.3%
Gatis Kandis – 6.5%
The Sugar Dandies – 2.8%
Beatrix Von Bourbon – 1.1%
Chica Latina – 0.6%

Semi Final 5

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 42.3%
Aquabatique – 14.6%
Billy George – 11.0%
Callum Oakley – 9.0%
Hope Murphy – 7.6%
Face Team – 7.4%
Strictly Wheels – 3.5%
Martyn Crofts – 3.0%
Greig Stewart – 1.6%

The Live Final!

Ashleigh & Pudsey – 39.0%
Jonathan & Charlotte – 25.8%
Only Boys Aloud – 15.8%
Loveable Rogues – 5.7%
Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 4.8%
Molly Rainford – 2.8%
The Mend – 2.6%
Nu Sxool – 1.2%
Sam Kelly – 1.0%
Aquabatique – 0.9%
Kai & Natalia – 0.4%


Source: ITV Talent Post

‘EastEnders’ exit for Anthony Moon confirmed‎!

antiques dealer Anthony Moon (played by ) is to leave the soap, BBC EastEnders have confirmed.

The shop manager, Anthony Moon (played by Matt Lapinskas), will depart screens in the coming weeks after less than a year in Walford. Matt Lapinskas confirming his exit, said: “I’m having a fantastic time working on EastEnders and playing the role of Anthony Moon. Working with , and the EastEnders cast has been an absolute pleasure.“.

Matt then went on and said: “Although I will really miss EastEnders and everyone involved, I am very excited about future projects and what is next for me as an actor.

Anthony turned up on Albert Square last July, just a few weeks after his dad Eddie and brother Tyler Moon.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s Back!

Britain’s Got Talent revealed that Ryan O’Shaughnessy is returning on Britain’s Got Talent. As you’ll recall, singer Ryan moved the audience to tears when he performed a self-penned romantic balled titled No Name about a mystery girl.

We spoke with the lovely lad just moments ago and this is what he had to say: “I’m over the moon to be through to the Semi-Finals. I was contracted to do another show, but I’ve since been released from my contract.

Ryan went on and said “I want to thank the Judges for giving me a second chance. The reveal was such an emotional ordeal for me. I was fraught with nerves. I felt as though I’d let Simon down. Simon’s somebody you want to please, so it felt awful to disappoint him.

then followed with “I’m looking forward to the Live Shows. I’ve been working on new material and focusing on the music. My mystery girl and I have decided to just stay friends, but it’d be nice to meet someone after BGT. Being selected for the Semi-Finals is like a dream come true!

Source: ITV Talent

Pirate Bay Blocked? Try 4 Free* VPN Services

As you may be aware more than four million subscribers were cut off from on Wednesday evening. The Pirate Bay has been blocked for Virgin Media after they cut Pirate Bay access for millions of users, (and soon many other Internet service providers such as Sky, O2, Everything Everywhere and TalkTalk) Virgin Media has taken the step of being the first ISP ordered by the High Court to enact the block order placed upon it and the four other big UK providers. Despite this however, the news and publicity generated by the story has caused the torrent linking website to have its biggest ever surge in UK traffic.

The block of TPB looks likely to make little impact in the overall scheme. There are many sites running proxies that allow a simple bypass and anyone serious about accessing it can simply take out a very affordable VPN service, or begin using Tor software. We’ve listed the top 10 free VPN services.

More news on The Pirate Bay being blocked by VirginMedia and shortly by Sky, O2, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and other Internet service providers can be found by clicking here.

“The Pirate Bay’s founders said that users can set up anonymous connections using a virtual provate network (VPN). Alternatively, they can use a closed private network of computers, known as a darknet, or change their DNS settings with OpenDNS.” – Read more on The Pirate Bay’s blog [Proxy Link]

2. OpenDNS – Free VPN – OpenDNS is probably the best and easiest option, by changing your DNS settings follow How do I use OpenDNS and Manage Internal Resources and Virtual Private Networks? for more details.

2. OpenVPN – Free VPN is a SSL/TLS based VPN, it provides high security and privacy. The biggest difference between PPTP VPN and OpenVPN is you need install OpenVPN client software to use OpenVPN service, and OpenVPN DO NOT work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows and Mac.
5. CyberGhost – Free VPN service

3. CyberGhost – Free VPN
CyberGhost – is a free VPN service from Germany which helps you route you through a German IP. The free service is limited to 1GB traffic every month, which is more than enough for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The paid service is also affordable.

4. ProXPN – Free VPN
ProXPN – A free VPN service designed for use with Windows and Mac computers. ProXPN works by downloading a small free application from which to connect. The service is also compatible with the iPhone and other mobile phones that support VPN. Interestingly you can use the iPhone setup instructions to make a connection from your PC, useful if you’re a Linux user.

5. It’s Hidden – Free VPN
Its Hidden – Originally established as a safeguard for filesharers, Its Hidden offers a competitive free service as well as paid solutions offering better contention (less users per server), professional support and dedicated IP addresses. Registration is required, and once you’ve signed up you can connect to the service directly through your operating system by following the set-up guide, with no additional software required. The service is compatible with any operating system you happen to be using that supports VPN.

Free things are great, but they’re also subject to a lot of use by the community. If you’re encountering problems with any of the above then you’re just better off moving on and trying another.
If you’re really serious about security (and accessing your home PCs from anywhere) then you’ll probably want to invest in a paid VPN service.

Do you use VPN? Had any luck with free services, or have you gone paid? Let us know in the comments below!.