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Here Come the April Fools’ Jokes

April Fool 2015

April Fool 2015

Well, get ready for it – April Fools’ 2015 has already started. Google is in on the act as usual, with a Pac-Man version of Google Maps that went live moments ago. Samsung is playing as well today, with the introduction of the Galaxy BLADE edge.

We’ll try to keep track of some of the best as we see them.

You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps by visiting Google Maps on the web and then clicking the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left corner.

Pac-Man is also on Google Maps for Android and iOS. You should be able to play in the newest version of Google Maps, but you have to search for locations that you might think Pac-Man would be. Google offers up a whole guide to Pac-Man in Google Maps here. They also provide clues on where you can find him (just go search for “Arc de Triomphe” and you’ll be able to play). Also, more info at the Google Maps blog.

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge

As for the Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge, you are looking at a clear, glass-like phone with a foldable handle, is ergonomic and ceramic, has a diamond edge, is waterproof (unlike the S6 and S6 Edge), and even has a thermometer stylus!

Amazon Dash Button (real or?)

Amazon Dash Button (real or?)

Amazon has introduced the “Dash Button” which are 1-click buttons to help you instantly and directly order the things you need the most…from Amazon Prime. Major news outlets think this is actual real. I still think it’s a joke. Amazon remains saying it’s a real thing!

Google unveiled the Google Panda at a fake press event in Japan.

Introducing Smartbox, by the Inbox team! A smart mailbox

Reddit’s Android subreddit just went Apple. (April Fools)

Reddit’s Android subreddit just went Apple. (April Fools)

Reddit’s Android subreddit just went Apple.

Motorola just gave us custom selfie sticks

Motorola just gave us custom selfie sticks

Motorola just gave us custom selfie sticks.

Seeing any other April Fools’ jokes yet? Let us know in the comments and we will add them!

Source: Droid-life, Seeing any other April Fools’ jokes yet?

[Updated] Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $18 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg -

Mark Zuckerberg –

A huge acquisition but one which is important for Facebook to both continue its growth but also continue to gather the valuable data it needs to deliver monetizable services to its customers. The deal is pending regulatory approval and should it not get across the line Facebook will pay WhatsApp $1B in cash and $1B in shares.

Facebook has entered into an agreement to acquire WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, for $16 billion in cash and stock, according to a filing Wednesday.

The deal is by far Facebook’s largest acquisition to date (On one level this is insane – it’s a significant amount of Facebook’s total valuation) and comes after rumors in late 2012 and early 2013 that Facebook and Google were vying to buy the messaging service.

WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s cofounder and CEO, said in a statement. “I’ve known Jan [Koum, WhatsApp co-founder] for a long time and I’m excited to partner with him and his team to make the world more open and connected.

According to the filing, Facebook has agreed to pay $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash for the company. Facebook has also agreed to pay an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to WhatsApp’s founders and employees as part of the deal, which would bring the total deal price to about $19 billion.

If the deal doesn’t go through, Facebook will pay a breakup fee of $1 billion to WhatsApp, which is still more than the total amount Facebook ended up paying to acquire Instagram.

Facebook stock declined by more than 4.5% in after hours trading following the announcement.

BGT: 2013 voting results revealed!

BGT Logo

Are you super-thrilled that Attraction took the title of Britain’s Got Talent 2013? Let us know in the comments below!

Now that we finally know who this year’s winner is, let’s have a look at the percentage of votes from each day of the 2013 Live Shows! You can see BGT: 2012 voting results revealed by clicking here.

Semi Final 1
Richard & Adam – 66.0%
Arisxandra Libantino – 13.4%
Youth Creation – 7.2%
Aaron Crow – 5.6%
Philip Green – 3.3%
Band of Voices – 1.9%
J – Unity – 1.5%
Bosom Buddies – 1.0%
Martin Healey – 0.1%

Semi Final 2
Jack Carroll – 42.5%
Gabz – 22.6%
Jack & Cormac – 15.0%
Alice Fredenham – 12.3%
McKnasty – 2.7%
MD – 2.3%
Meat Diva – 1.5%
Martin & Marielle – 0.6%
Modupe – 0.5%

Semi Final 3
Luminites – 35.6%
Pre – Skool – 16.9%
Joseph Hall – 16.4%
Rosie O’Sullivan – 15.4%
Robbie Kennedy – 12.6%
MC Boy – 0.9%
Freelusion – 0.9%
Stevie Pink – 0.7%
Thomas Bounce – 0.6%

Semi Final 4
Francine Lewis – 23.2%
Alex Keirl – 21.4%
Asanda – 19.4%
James More – 14.3%
AJ & Chloe – 12.7%
Shockarellas – 3.4%
Chasing The Dream – 2.2%
Poppin’Ron – 2.1%
Club Town Freaks – 1.3%

Semi Final 5
Attraction – 59.1%
Jordan O’Keefe – 15.1%
Steve Hewlett – 12.0%
Aliki – 6.6%
Gospel Singers Incognito – 2.5%
Maarty Broekman – 2.0%
CEO Dancers – 1.2%
Glambassadors – 1.1%
Rob’s Duelling Pianos – 0.4%

Attraction – 27.0%
Jack Carroll – 20.1%
Richard & Adam – 15.4%
Steve Hewlett – 14.7%
Luminites – 6.8%
Jordan O’Keefe – 3.7%
Gabz – 3.6%
Arisxandra – 2.9%
Pre-Skool – 2.8%
Francine Lewis – 2.0%
Asanda – 1.2%

That’s it from this year, again you can see BGT: 2012 voting results revealed by clicking here.

YouNow ‘Acquires’ BlogTV Acquires BlogTV for it’s users?

YouNow, the fast-growing live social network, announced today that it has acquired blogTV, the veteran social streaming service, founded in 2006. YouNow will integrate blogTV’s four million users into the YouNow service.

As part of this integration, will redirect its users to and operate under the YouNow brand starting March 27th. Existing blogTV users will have the opportunity to easily merge their accounts onto the YouNow service using their Facebook login and blogTV credentials. blogTV users will be able to sync important data from their blogTV accounts, including their usernames, broadcasts, social connections, registration date and status. All users from blogTV that merge their accounts with YouNow will be able to view their integrated blogTV information, including all recorded broadcasts, on their new YouNow profile page.

The integration will also allow blogTV users to gain unique levels and rewards based on their blogTV site activity, seniority, number of subscribers, and PRO membership. To accommodate the blogTV users, YouNow has also created special new channels to allow all users to broadcast immediately, without waiting in a queue, as is the case with the classic YouNow channels.

As part of the acquisition, YouNow will also integrate parts of blogTV’s award-winning technology onto its platform, including features loved by blogTV’s millions of users.

“YouNow, with its fresh social and mobile functionality, is a great environment for our dedicated users,” says Oren Levy, founder and CEO of blogTV. “YouNow has the features that our users have been asking us for! I am excited to be working with YouNow’s experienced A-list team to continue to innovate in the social television space.”

BlogTV’s staff will remain with YouNow. Mr. Levy will stay on as a consultant to YouNow.

“We are excited to join forces with the experienced blogTV staff. We are committed to serving our new blogTV users as best as we can and welcome them into our joint community,” says Adi Sideman, CEO, YouNow. “Our business is to connect people, and provide an audience to anyone who wishes to broadcast. With the addition of the blogTV community, our ability to do just that has significantly increased.”

About YouNow

YouNow is a live network that allows users to collaboratively broadcast live and interact with audiences in real time. The live network encourages users to participate in the broadcast experience, facilitating an entirely new entertainment format. YouNow enables users to expand their social influence, and is the only platform in the world that guarantees users an audience.

About blogTV

blogTV is a leading live, interactive, internet broadcasting platform that enables anyone with a webcam or mobile phone to broadcast LIVE. Its viewers can watch LIVE shows and interact with the broadcaster — it’s 24/7, interesting, genuine, live content, created by real people!

To learn more about the YouNow/blogTV acquisition, please email Candice Reeves at [email protected].

Carl killed off on Emmerdale’s 40th Live Hour Episode

Soap fans were treated to high drama as Emmerdale celebrated its 40th birthday with a live episode in which Carl King (Tom Lister) was battered to death with a brick.

The bad boy of the Dales suffered a blow to the head at the hands of his love rival Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) – but a death was not the only big event to happen in the hour-long episode.

The live show was a display of some of the soap world’s traditionally favourite occasions and was completed with two weddings and two births.

Avid viewers watched as Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) wedded bliss to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) lasted no more than the first 30 minutes, while Katie Sugden (Sammy Winward) enjoyed a marquee reception with new husband Declan Macey (Jason Merrells).

Elsewhere, Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) gave birth to the baby boy she hopes will save her daughter Sarah’s life after she developed leukaemia.

Joining Debbie in her labour pains was Gennie Walker (Sian Reese-Williams) who gave birth to a baby girl on the floor at Chas and Dan’s wedding reception.

With the emotions of weddings and babies running high, the episode culminated in the shocking death of Carl which show bosses say will have have “major, far-reaching repercussions”.

Fans of the soap were left to speculate about the death, which was kept secret until tonight.

Viewers feared Carl may meet his demise but other characters fans thought faced playing out their final scenes live included vet Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt), old favourite Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) and shrewd businessman Declan Macey.

The ITV soap has followed in the footsteps of Coronation Street and EastEnders as each celebrated their 50th and 25th birthdays respectively with live episodes.

Did you watch Emmerdale’s live 40th or The Fallout behind the scenes? Personally i think they pulled it off, let us know what you think in the comments below!