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Grand Theft Auto: V release date delayed until autumn

The latest GTA adventure was due in spring. Now virtual criminals will have to wait until 17 September

The latest Grand Theft Auto adventure was due in spring. Now virtual criminals will have to wait until 17 September. Rockstar Games has finally announced a release date for Grand Theft Auto V, the latest in the company’s hugely successful series of gangster adventures. The game will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles on 17 September. Originally, the publisher had mentioned the possibility of a spring release.

A message posted on the Rockstar Games website says:

We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you, but, trust us, it will be worth the extra time. GTAV is a massively ambitious and complex game and it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require.

Set in the fictional city of Los Santos, a stylised version of Los Angeles, GTA V follows three lead characters as they carry out a series of increasingly audacious heists. The game is the most ambitious project in the long-running series, which has so far sold over 125 million units worldwide. The environment is larger than the previous two titles combined.

Alongside the inevitable next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, GTA V is expected to be the biggest video game release of 2013; it is an important title for the industry which has seen retail sales falling over the last year.

source Rockstar & Guardian

The Cleverest & Smartest Online Resume You’ve Ever Seen

Fake Amazon Page Is Best Online Resume Ever

Titled “An Amaz-ing Resume” e don’t actually know if Philippe Dubost is any good at his job. But boy, can he throw together a resume.

Dubost, a web product manager currently based in Paris, is looking to travel for his next position. So he decided to make his CV stand out anywhere in the world — by mimicking an Amazon product page.

The result, “Philippe’s Amaz’ing Resume,” is a pitch-perfect pastiche. Suggesting that you add the applicant to your shopping cart to see his price is such a clever way of asking to be hired, we’re amazed no one thought of it before. Especially when followed by the urgent reminder: “only 1 left in stock. Order soon!”

You can see the full resume here. But in case Dubost’s site has been overwhelmed by traffic — he’s already had to change his web hosting service once, according to his Twitter feed — here’s another screenshot:

Product Details

Dubost has taken pains to replicate every last aspect of an Amazon page — even inserting an ad. We’ve seen resumes that look like Facebook pages and Twitter feeds before, but none have this much attention to detail.

And given the fact that hiring is a transaction, making it look like the world’s largest store makes a ton of sense.

Would you hire an applicant based on a resume like this? Let us know in the comments, and check out our galleries of other unusual CV designs below.

Source: Mashable / Yahoo!

Amaz-ing, do you get it? 😉

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark wins!

Rylan 'Ross' Clark

After 23 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, X Factor’s Rylan Clark has taken the CBB title and been crowned the winner. The reality star left the Celebrity Big Brother house to rapturous cheers after a turbulent three weeks.

Runners-up Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were humble in defeat and clapped along with their fellow housemates, they seemed happy to give a quick nod to the good guy finishing first.

Spencer and Heidi have caused numerous arguments in the house, but the most memorable has to be when they branded Rylan ‘fake’. The pair were asked a series of questions by Big Brother but had no idea that their fellow housemates could hear every word. They pulled no punches and Rylan’s reaction will go down in Celebrity Big Brother history as one of the best rants ever.

Rylan has entertained us from start to finish, stood up for himself and his fellow house mates and made friends for life.

Over the last three weeks we’ve discovered that he is far more than Cry-lan from X Factor, he’s a man of integrity, a funny man with an enormous heart… and we’re proud to have him aren’t we? Well I know I am.

Stay tuned to tv.uk.msn.com for Rylan’s interview!

Source: tv.uk.msn.com

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Is Now Open To the Public


Mega, Kim Dotcom‘s big, flashy new copyright-dismantling file-sharing/storage site with encryption up the wazoo has finally launched. You can head on over and sign up right now. That is, so long as the site can hold under the crazy traffic. So far, it looks like it’s getting crushed. But different people are experiencing different things.

Gizmodo gave you an inside look at the service yesterday, but now you can get in there and start poking around yourself. Is this the new future of cloud storage? Or maybe the new future of private, encrypted piracy clubs? We’re now officially on our way to finding out. What’s your money on?

And it looks like it’s only the beginning..

Later, Dotcom reported that sign-ups were coming at a rate of thousands per minute.

The site opened up for early access yesterday, and now everyone can go to Mega to sign up and use the service, with a basic, free offering of 50GB of storage, plus three pricing tiers with additional storage and bandwidth capacity. This is being resold by partners of Mega, which include Instra, as well as EuroDNS and Digiweb.

Update 19/01/13 @ 7:41 GMT: Within eight minutes it’s gone from 100,000 user registrations to 250,000 user registrations, Kim Tweeted

“250,000 user registrations. Server capacity on maximum load. Should get better when initial frenzy is over. Wow!!!”

Mr Kim Dotcom tweeted on Twitter, @KimDotcom

Gangsta Search Yo’ Results With Gizoogle – Turn Yo MuthaF’in Website All Gangsta Yo’

Google’s search results are way too vanilla for an OG like yourself. You need a search engine with a little gansta funk in it. Fo’ shizzle my nizzle, here’s one that’s “realer than Real Deal Holyfield” Gizoogle.

What’s Gizoogle you ask? Though not affiliated with Google in any way, it’s just like its more straight-laced cousin, with one noticable difference: it translates all search results into ganstalisious slang popularized by Snoop Dogg. Gizoogle was originally created by John Beatty, who started the site in 2005 as a joke after inspiration from a friend’s constant use of the slang on America Online’s Instant Messenger service and also by Snoop’s “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle” program on MTV.

Let’s take a look – we will use our It’s here. Gogole Maps for iPhone post or as Gizoogle, It’s here. Gizoogle Maps fo’ iPhizzy

“Git tha freshly smoked up Gizoogle Maps n’ say wassup ta Gizoogle search, voice guided navigation, transit directions, Street View, n’ much mo’. Put yo muthafuckin choppers up if ya feel this!Da freshly smoked up Gizoogle Maps application fo’ tha iPhizzy became da most thugged-out downlizzleed free item up in Applez‘s App Store on Thursday, just hours afta its launch.

Da long-awaited app launched up in tha early hourz of Thursdizzle morning, finally brangin relief ta tha mazillionz of iPhizzy playas forced ta rely on Applez’s own much-maligned mappin system.”

Source link

It’s not just for websites either it works great for Facebook and Twitter but if your tweets are protected it will not work and you will see, “Only confirmed followers have access ta @JordanTBHz Twizzlez n’ complete profile. Click tha “Follow” button ta bust a gangbangin’ follow request.“.

Update 11:05 PM: It appears this doesn’t work for Facebook yet (if you find a way around it let us know) you will be given an error message; (which basically it’s saying your browser is outdated.)

Update Yo Crazy-Ass Browser
You’re rockin a wizzy browser dat isn’t supported by Facebizzle.
To git a funky-ass mo’ betta experience, go ta one of these cribs n’ git tha sickest fuckin version of yo’ preferred browser:”