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Want to place your brand, services or products in front of some of the savvied online shoppers in the world? has the solutions to meet your marketing objectives. We offer a suite of advertising channels for you to take advantage of, including online display advertising and offline package inserts.

Formats offers advertisers a superb selection of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Advertising formats include standard formats (banners, skyscrapers and MPU’s).

We also offer tenancy placements on every channel homepage, in the form of logo and text, which are excellent DR drivers.

Rich Media

Expandable ads
Video Streaming
In-stream video ads


Dimensions = 468 x 60 pixels
Maximum weight: < 15K

Dimensions = 120 x 600 pixels
Maximum weight: < 17K

Payment Methods

Currently, we only accept PayPal (worldwide) Please get in touch to talk about making payments.


We use Clickr. A custom script we coded to log all clicks on your adverts, so we know how many clicks your advert gets and Clickr works out the price for your ads and clicks at the end of each week, month or year – you choose!

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