YouNow ‘Acquires’ BlogTV Acquires BlogTV for it’s users?

YouNow, the fast-growing live social network, announced today that it has acquired blogTV, the veteran social streaming service, founded in 2006. YouNow will integrate blogTV’s four million users into the YouNow service.

As part of this integration, will redirect its users to and operate under the YouNow brand starting March 27th. Existing blogTV users will have the opportunity to easily merge their accounts onto the YouNow service using their Facebook login and blogTV credentials. blogTV users will be able to sync important data from their blogTV accounts, including their usernames, broadcasts, social connections, registration date and status. All users from blogTV that merge their accounts with YouNow will be able to view their integrated blogTV information, including all recorded broadcasts, on their new YouNow profile page.

The integration will also allow blogTV users to gain unique levels and rewards based on their blogTV site activity, seniority, number of subscribers, and PRO membership. To accommodate the blogTV users, YouNow has also created special new channels to allow all users to broadcast immediately, without waiting in a queue, as is the case with the classic YouNow channels.

As part of the acquisition, YouNow will also integrate parts of blogTV’s award-winning technology onto its platform, including features loved by blogTV’s millions of users.

“YouNow, with its fresh social and mobile functionality, is a great environment for our dedicated users,” says Oren Levy, founder and CEO of blogTV. “YouNow has the features that our users have been asking us for! I am excited to be working with YouNow’s experienced A-list team to continue to innovate in the social television space.”

BlogTV’s staff will remain with YouNow. Mr. Levy will stay on as a consultant to YouNow.

“We are excited to join forces with the experienced blogTV staff. We are committed to serving our new blogTV users as best as we can and welcome them into our joint community,” says Adi Sideman, CEO, YouNow. “Our business is to connect people, and provide an audience to anyone who wishes to broadcast. With the addition of the blogTV community, our ability to do just that has significantly increased.”

About YouNow

YouNow is a live network that allows users to collaboratively broadcast live and interact with audiences in real time. The live network encourages users to participate in the broadcast experience, facilitating an entirely new entertainment format. YouNow enables users to expand their social influence, and is the only platform in the world that guarantees users an audience.

About blogTV

blogTV is a leading live, interactive, internet broadcasting platform that enables anyone with a webcam or mobile phone to broadcast LIVE. Its viewers can watch LIVE shows and interact with the broadcaster — it’s 24/7, interesting, genuine, live content, created by real people!

To learn more about the YouNow/blogTV acquisition, please email Candice Reeves at [email protected].

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