OS X Lion Arrives in Mac App Store

Mac OS X Lion is now available in the Mac App Store. Snow Leopard users can upgrade to the newest cat-named release for $29.99. (approximately £18.58)

Apple has opted to officially drop the Mac OS X moniker for Lion — it’s just OS X Lion.

OS X Lion boasts more than 250 new features and is being billed as taking the best parts from iOS and marrying it to the best parts of OS X. I’d have to agree with that too. I’ve been using Lion full-time since the final developer build was released a few weeks ago and I would have a hard time returning to the old Mac OS 10.6.

Before you go through the installation process, be sure to check out our guide on preparing your Mac for Lion.

We’ll have more information, galleries, reviews and installation tips throughout the day. see Mashable. (credit: Christina Warren)

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