How to download youtube videos from Safari browser in Mac OS X (+Chrome Windows)

This is probably the easiest way to download a video from most of the video viewing websites like Youtube and others. And this is for Safari browser, as no other browser in Mac has the activity window which exposes everything that is being done at that moment in the browser, even the loading of a video in the website. And that’s what we need to get the video downloaded.

Safari browser has no add-ons like Firefox which easily helps in directly and easily downloading the videos from Youtube. But many might not be knowing that there is a better and easier way to download the youtube videos, with its own activity window. Just while the video is running, pause it and follow the steps which am explaining below –

Open Safari browser, and a particular video in youtube.
Then pause the video, and go to the Window menu, and click on “Activity”

The activity window opens and shows what currently is running in Safari, the tabs info etc.
In that, you would also see the youtube video link with a list of files under it. Select the highest size file in it, as the one i highlighted in the image below.

Double click on it and the download would start and the video would download in sometime in .flv version.

Isn’t it the easiest way to download from Safari?

…oh and if you’re using Google Chrome you might want to get this Extension called YouTube Downloader It’s free and works!

Source: thewwwblog

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