Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you wouldd like to ask us (or Jordan personally), please submit a request via Mail, WiFi, land or even air!

What’s your real name?

How old are you?
17. (02/12)

What’s your girlfiend’s name?
Rebekah Longley

What kind of music do you like?
Most music, part from rap. 🙂

Fav music artists?
Michael Jackson, Akon, Ben’s Brother, Black Eyed Peas, Cheryl Cole, Chipmunk, Eminem, Jason Derulo, Take That, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Robbie Williams, Rihanna, Shaggy (old), Snow Patrol, The Saturdays, The Streets, Tiao Cruz, Usher and Will.I.Am. (this is only a few!)

What exactly do you do?
Computers, Tech, iOS & Android Developer, Coding and such. see the about me tab.

How did you meet Bekkah?
Open Hotel. (Habbo Retro)

Do you get on well with Bekkah’s parents/family?
I’ve met her mum, dad, sister and brother – Yes.

Are her parents nice?

How long have you been with bekkah?
We’ve been together for about 11 months (19th May 2010).

How old is Bekkah?

Does Bekkah live with you?

Has Bekkah stayed at yours?
Yes, often.

What phone do you have?
iPhone – O2.

If you could learn any language which one will it be?
I’d love to learn Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and French fluently.

What is your xBox Live Gamertag / PSN?
Jordancouz / JordanTBH.

Do you’ve any photos?
Yes, of course. take a tour of our new and improved photo gallery.

Perks of dating me

  • I laugh at my own jokes so you don’t have to. But you probably will, because I’m hilarious.
  • I’m too ugly to cheat on you
  • Surprise hugs and cuddles
  • Sometimes I’m funny
  • Random kisses
  • I actually respond to your messages
  • We can play video games and listen to music and watch TV
  • We’d eat pizza and listen to music together and we’d probably fuck 14 times a day
  • I’m not someone that people will flirt with
  • I’ll care about you and your day
  • I’ve no friends so I can spend all of my time with you
  • If we was to wrestle, i’ll always let you win
  • We’d always be wet and ready to go
  • We will be qualified to perform in many positions
  • I can almost, kinda-sorta make food

What are you working on?
Many awesome things, you can view them on the projects page.

Do you’ve a newsletter?
Yes. Sign-up here It’s free and always will be all you need to do is enter your email address simply, You’ll receive links to free downloads of software like Photoshop CS5 and many other cool awesome things.

Do you’ve any Firefox, Chrome add-ons?
Yes. Right now we’ve our new Google Chrome Extension that’s free to download.

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