Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark wins!

Rylan 'Ross' Clark

After 23 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, X Factor’s Rylan Clark has taken the CBB title and been crowned the winner. The reality star left the Celebrity Big Brother house to rapturous cheers after a turbulent three weeks.

Runners-up Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were humble in defeat and clapped along with their fellow housemates, they seemed happy to give a quick nod to the good guy finishing first.

Spencer and Heidi have caused numerous arguments in the house, but the most memorable has to be when they branded Rylan ‘fake’. The pair were asked a series of questions by Big Brother but had no idea that their fellow housemates could hear every word. They pulled no punches and Rylan’s reaction will go down in Celebrity Big Brother history as one of the best rants ever.

Rylan has entertained us from start to finish, stood up for himself and his fellow house mates and made friends for life.

Over the last three weeks we’ve discovered that he is far more than Cry-lan from X Factor, he’s a man of integrity, a funny man with an enormous heart… and we’re proud to have him aren’t we? Well I know I am.

Stay tuned to tv.uk.msn.com for Rylan’s interview!

Source: tv.uk.msn.com

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