More update problems for the Windows Phone 7

More update problems for Windows Phone 7

Samsung Omnia 7 (Credit - Samsung)

It may be more of a stumble than a full-on trip, but Microsoft is having a bit more technical trouble with it’s Windows Phone 7 update.

Microsoft’s Michael Stroh, who writes for the Windows blog, acknowledged yesterday that the company stopped sending updates to Samsung Omnia 7 phones. Those are the same phones that were rendered useless, or “bricked,” when Microsoft started to roll out the so-called NoDo update in February.

The team discovered a technical issue with the update package for this model.” Stroh wrote in a reply to questions posted on the Windows Phone blog. His reply was first reported by the WinRumors website.

Stroh said Microsoft is working to fix the problem. “The work of fixing and testing the package is nearly done, and the team hopes to resume update deliveries soon” Stroh wrote. “When I know more about the timing, I’ll pass it along.

The update problems seem limited to the Samsung phones. According to Microsoft’s Where’s my phone update Web page, the company is delivering the update to most other Windows Phone 7 devices at this point.

The company really can’t afford any more missteps with the update. After the initial software push that bricked the Samsung phones, Microsoft pulled the update to fix some bugs.

How to download youtube videos from Safari browser in Mac OS X (+Chrome Windows)

This is probably the easiest way to download a video from most of the video viewing websites like Youtube and others. And this is for Safari browser, as no other browser in Mac has the activity window which exposes everything that is being done at that moment in the browser, even the loading of a video in the website. And that’s what we need to get the video downloaded.

Safari browser has no add-ons like Firefox which easily helps in directly and easily downloading the videos from Youtube. But many might not be knowing that there is a better and easier way to download the youtube videos, with its own activity window. Just while the video is running, pause it and follow the steps which am explaining below –

Open Safari browser, and a particular video in youtube.
Then pause the video, and go to the Window menu, and click on “Activity”

The activity window opens and shows what currently is running in Safari, the tabs info etc.
In that, you would also see the youtube video link with a list of files under it. Select the highest size file in it, as the one i highlighted in the image below.

Double click on it and the download would start and the video would download in sometime in .flv version.

Isn’t it the easiest way to download from Safari?

…oh and if you’re using Google Chrome you might want to get this Extension called YouTube Downloader It’s free and works!

Source: thewwwblog

DJ Ironik stabbed by muggers who ‘tracked him on Twitter’

Rapper DJ Ironik stabbed by muggers who ‘tracked his movements on Twitter’

Rapper DJ Ironik was stabbed by muggers after they tracked his movements on Twitter.
The musician, 22, was wounded in the upper leg outside his London home in the early hours of Saturday morning after returning from a gig in Essex.
It is believed the two hooded men had targeted DJ Ironik after he boasted about the price of his diamond-encrusted neck chain during a recent TV interview.

Attacked: DJ Ironik, pictured two weeks ago at the Radio 1 studios in London, is recovering in hospital from stab wounds.

After being discharged from hospital this afternoon after spending most of the weekend in hospital, Ironik thanked fans for their support.

He wrote on his Twitter page today: ‘Wow. Thank you everyone for all the love & supportive messages.. I have just been discharged from the hospital.

Its been a crazy last couple of days and this whole experience is quite surreal. But they say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
‘I wanna thank each and every one of my friends, family and supportive fans that have showed me lots of much love!
‘It could of been much worse so thank God it weren’t and I’m just resting and recovering… Love.’

On the mend: DJ Ironik thanked his fans for their support after being discharged from hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Ironik, real name James Charters, was returning to his Haringey, north London home with his tour manager when two men pounded at 3am.
He threw his chain and other jewellery on the path and ran towards his front door, but was stabbed in the thigh.
From Ironik’s Twitter page, they knew he would be going home after performing at the Element nightclub in Southend-On-Sea, Essex.

Before the attack, he had re-tweeted a photo of himself performing on stage to the 1,500-strong crowd.

A police spokesman said it was believed the motivation behind the attack was robbery, but said most of the jewellery taken has since been recovered. A statement from his management company said: ‘Ironik was attacked and stabbed in the early hours of Saturday morning during an attempted robbery whilst returning to his home in North London. He was stabbed in his upper leg, taken to hospital and is currently being treated. He is understandably shaken up by this unprovoked attack.’

Crowd pleaser: The attack happened just a few hours after DJ Ironik performed at the Element nightclub in Southend-On-Sea, Essex

News of the incident broke when his friend, a singer named Yasmin, wrote on Ironik’s Twitter soon after the attack: ‘Ironik is in hospital. Has been stabbed and in hospital but he is ok.’
Yesterday, his manager Neil Ransome had to deny a fake internet report yesterday that Ironik had died after the attack.

He wrote on his Twitter; “It’s a fake website and complete nonsense, there’s some sick attention-seeking people out there, makes you shudder.

Born in Highgate, North London, Charters started DJing from an early age before releasing his first single So Nice three years ago.
However, he leaped to fame last year when his song Tiny Dancer, featuring Chipmunk and Sir Elton John, went to number three in the charts.

He recently teamed up with 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes on the single Falling In Love, which was released two weeks ago.

Two years ago, he was romantically linked to glamour model Danielle Lloyd after they were photographed attending several events together, but he insisted they were “just friends

Apple working on Desktop NFC Sync For iPhone 5

Near field Communication (NFC) may well be a powerful selling point for the forthcoming iPhone 5 as it has emerged that Apple may use the technology for some pretty unique purposes.

A source told Apple blog Cult of Mac that Apple is working on ways to use the iPhone 5 to take over any Apple Mac (and potentially any computers).

NFC has been limited for now to contactless mobile payments and identity management. Cult Of Mac says the plan is to use the iPhone 5 as an identity token with which a user can take over a machine (useful when doing hot desking).

The computer will load the users’s applications, settings and data, customising it to their own personal use. When the user leaves or if the iPhone 5 is moved out of range, the computer reverts back to its original state.

Whether NFC will actually be used here remains to be seen as it will very much depend on data transfer rates as well (you don’t want the sync to take minutes, but rather microseconds) and the phone needs to be within 10cm rather than say, a more convenient 50cm.

One has to wonder whether Bluetooth (which already equips most recent Apple laptops) or some sort of low power, short distance wireless technology like Zigbee, might not be more appropriate.

Tom Cruise – 2,717 Feet Tall

Tom Cruise performed yet another one of his own death-defying stunts for his latest “Mission Impossible” film and dangled off a skyscraper 124 floors above the ground in Dubai this weekend.

The 48-year-old scaled the Burj Khalifa which is currently the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet.

Tom really is crazy.

Source: TMZ News

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