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BGT: 2014 voting results revealed!

BGT 2014 ITV Promo

BGT 2014 Promo © ITV

Collabro have won this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

The musical theatre group take home the £250,000 prize and will be performing for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance. The boys who wowed tonight with their version of Stars from Les Miserables thanked their fans.

Lucy Kay came second with Bars and Melody taking third place.

Now that we finally know who this year’s winner is, let’s have a look at the percentage of votes from each day of the live shows! You can see last years voting results – which saw Attraction win by clicking here.

Semi Final 1

Collabro 62.3%
Darcy Oake 15.5%
Jon Clegg 9.4%
CountryVive 4.0%
Micky Dumoulin 3.0%
Lauren & Terrell 2.8%
Patsy May 1.3%
Christian Spridon 0.9%
Henrietta Adewole 0.8%

Semi Final 2

James Smith 41.3%
Jodi Bird 16.5%
The Addict Initiative 11.4%
Mini Moves 7.3%
Ed Drewett 7.0%
BoldDog FMX Team 6.4%
SweetChix 5.5%
Ricky K 4.1%
Kony Puppets 0.5%

Semi Final 3

Lucy Kay 45.8%
Yanis, Arnaud & Mehdi 21.5%
Cartel 11.5%
Ellis Chick 9.7%
Reaformed 5.2%
Sam Jones 2.4%
Crazy Rouge 1.9%
Kitty & Rosie 1.5%
Brian Chan 0.5%

Semi Final 4

Bars & Melody 47.5%
Lettice Rowbotham 16.8%
Innova Irish Dance Co 13.8%
Light Balance 11.7%
Eva Iglesias 5.6%
Toju 1.9%
Kieran & Sarah 1.5%
Pyroterra 0.7%
Allan Turner-Ward 0.5%

Semi Final 5

Jack Pack 57.0%
Paddy & Nico 13.9%
Bailey McConnell 12.4%
Jenson Zhu 4.1%
Kings & Queens 3.5%
La Voix & LGBB 3.3%
Andrew Derbyshire 2.3%
Kieran Lai 2.0
Peat Loaf & Elaine 1.5%

Live Final

Collabro 26.5%
Lucy Kay 17.0%
Bars & Melody 14.3%
Jack Pack 10.6%
Darcy Oake 8.5%
James Smith 6.9%
Jon Clegg 5.2%
Lettice Rowbotham 4.0%
Paddy & Nico 3.6%
The Addict Initiative 2.4%
Yanis, Arnaud & Mehdi 1.0%

Are you super-thrilled that Collabro took the title of Britain’s Got Talent 2014 series 8? Let us know down in the comments below!

That’s it from this year, we will see you in two-thousand-and-fifteen!

BGT: 2012 voting results revealed!

We are super-thrilled that the amazing Ashleigh And Pudsey took the title of Britain’s Got Talent champion 2012.

Now that we finally know who this year’s winner is, let’s have a look at the percentage of votes from each day of the Live Shows. It is a numbers game, after all!

Semi Final 1
Ashleigh & Pudsey – 50.0%
Only Boys Aloud – 30.4%
The Mend – 11.8%
Zipparah Tafari – 2.3%
Lauren Thalia – 1.8%
Rachel Knowland – 1.2%
The Jive Aces – 1.0%
Analiza Ching – 0.9%
United We Stand – 0.6%

Semi Final 2

Jonathan & Charlotte – 75.3%
Kai & Natalia – 6.2%
Paige Turley – 5.2%
Four Corners – 4.7%
Karizma Krew – 2.4%
Graham Blackledge – 1.9%
The Showbears – 1.8%
Cascade – 1.6%
Fish on Percussion – 0.9%

Semi Final 3

Loveable Rogues – 40.4%
Molly Rainford – 22.2%
Twist & Pulse Dance Co – 17.6%
Dennis Egel – 5.5%
Ashley Elliott – 4.9%
The Zimmers – 3.3%
Lucky – 2.7%
Area 51 – 2.2%
Honey Shazad – 1.2%

Semi Final 4

Sam Kelly – 26.8%
Malakai Paul – 25.2%
Nu Sxool – 20.0%
Be Minor – 9.7%
Brynolf & Ljung – 7.3%
Gatis Kandis – 6.5%
The Sugar Dandies – 2.8%
Beatrix Von Bourbon – 1.1%
Chica Latina – 0.6%

Semi Final 5

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 42.3%
Aquabatique – 14.6%
Billy George – 11.0%
Callum Oakley – 9.0%
Hope Murphy – 7.6%
Face Team – 7.4%
Strictly Wheels – 3.5%
Martyn Crofts – 3.0%
Greig Stewart – 1.6%

The Live Final!

Ashleigh & Pudsey – 39.0%
Jonathan & Charlotte – 25.8%
Only Boys Aloud – 15.8%
Loveable Rogues – 5.7%
Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 4.8%
Molly Rainford – 2.8%
The Mend – 2.6%
Nu Sxool – 1.2%
Sam Kelly – 1.0%
Aquabatique – 0.9%
Kai & Natalia – 0.4%


Source: ITV Talent Post

Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s Back!

Britain’s Got Talent revealed that Ryan O’Shaughnessy is returning on Britain’s Got Talent. As you’ll recall, singer Ryan moved the audience to tears when he performed a self-penned romantic balled titled No Name about a mystery girl.

We spoke with the lovely lad just moments ago and this is what he had to say: “I’m over the moon to be through to the Semi-Finals. I was contracted to do another show, but I’ve since been released from my contract.

Ryan went on and said “I want to thank the Judges for giving me a second chance. The reveal was such an emotional ordeal for me. I was fraught with nerves. I felt as though I’d let Simon down. Simon’s somebody you want to please, so it felt awful to disappoint him.

then followed with “I’m looking forward to the Live Shows. I’ve been working on new material and focusing on the music. My mystery girl and I have decided to just stay friends, but it’d be nice to meet someone after BGT. Being selected for the Semi-Finals is like a dream come true!

Source: ITV Talent

BGT wannabe Jessica Hobson sobs as Simon Cowell brands her “Silly”

slated Britain’s Got Talent wannabe Jessica Hobson’s performance on last night’s show and branded her dress ‘silly’, leaving the teen in tears.

Dec tried to comfort Jessica as she burst into tears upon hearing Simon Cowell's comments.

The music mogul slammed Jessica’s rendition – which saw her belt out Beyonce song Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), accompanied by two dancers – as ‘ridiculous’ and she had to be comforted by presenter when she started sobbing on the ITV1 show Britain’s Got Talent.

who is joined on the judging panel by , and of course Told the 19-year-old singer “It started fine then it got increasingly worse.

“Whoever came up with the idea of putting you with the two dancers – it was ridiculous.”
“You would have been better singing on your own and not with the silly dress.” – said.

Jessica sung a slowed-down version of Beyoncé's Single Ladies before speeding it up as she joined two dancers on stage.

Popera singer Jai McDowall and dancer Steven Hall made it through to the final of the talent competition, with Simon opting for the 53-year-old telecoms expert’s hilarious dance medley over 35-year-old singer Edward Reid.

He said: “I’m going to go with what I think the public want – and that’s Steven.

Scottish star Jai, who performed Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life – went straight to the final after winning the biggest proportion of the public vote.

Don’t worry! you can still support Jessica Hobson and make her dreams still happen by joining her official facebook page or follow her official twitter!