How to bypass Live Messenger (WLM/MSN) 2011 Update

As you may or may not know Microsoft yesterday started forcing upgrades to Windows Live Messenger (sometimes abbreviated WLM/MSN) 2011 on Windows 7. Unfortunately the 2011 (It’s 2012 where’s version 2012?) version drops several key features, adds several annoying features, and is not that impressive of an upgrade. Certainly many just prefer to use Live Messenger 2009 and now you can!

When you try and sign in to Messenger 2009 you will see one of theses;

“A newer version is available. You must install the newer version in order to continue. Would you like to do this now?”

or “A newer version has been downloaded and is available. You must install this newer version in order to continue. Would you like to do this now?”

Annoying right? Yes I think so we’ve two ways you can bypass this (I personally recommend option two)

Option 1
To bypass the forced upgrade for Windows Live Messenger 2009, you can download My Messenger Reviver utility however this isn’t recommend, unless they somehow patch option two.

Option 2
1 – Right Click on your “Windows Live Messenger” Icon (either from your desktop or start menu)
2 – Click/Select “Properties” you will see many such as tabs, Shortcut, Compatibility, General, Security, Details and Previous Version.
3 – Click on Compatibility Tab in This Tab you will see “Compatibility Mode
4 – Check in front of Run this Program in compatibility mode for:

If you use Windows XP, Select Windows NT or 2000 (MSN+ can’t run on this mode) if you use Windows Vista or 7, Select Windows Server 2003(SP1) – MSN+ can run on this mode.

5 – Apply and OK this setting
6 – Restart Messenger (Task Manager) and end msnmesgr.exe
7 – You’re done – Enjoy!

Tried and tested on Windows Vista, 7 & Windows 8 only – please let us know in the comments below if it works on your OS, do you like Messenger 2011 or will you be using this to avoid it?

Note; We take no responsibility in this software or the guide (option o2), The software (“program”) wasn’t developed by us please use at your own risk, Thanks!

UPDATE 21 – 06 – 12
We have noticed doing option 2 in Windows 7 it will no longer show two windows in your task-bar and when you minimize WLM 2009 it will now go to ‘notifications’ area not taskbar it hasn’t closed click the “^” arrow in notifications.

BGT: 2012 voting results revealed!

We are super-thrilled that the amazing Ashleigh And Pudsey took the title of Britain’s Got Talent champion 2012.

Now that we finally know who this year’s winner is, let’s have a look at the percentage of votes from each day of the Live Shows. It is a numbers game, after all!

Semi Final 1
Ashleigh & Pudsey – 50.0%
Only Boys Aloud – 30.4%
The Mend – 11.8%
Zipparah Tafari – 2.3%
Lauren Thalia – 1.8%
Rachel Knowland – 1.2%
The Jive Aces – 1.0%
Analiza Ching – 0.9%
United We Stand – 0.6%

Semi Final 2

Jonathan & Charlotte – 75.3%
Kai & Natalia – 6.2%
Paige Turley – 5.2%
Four Corners – 4.7%
Karizma Krew – 2.4%
Graham Blackledge – 1.9%
The Showbears – 1.8%
Cascade – 1.6%
Fish on Percussion – 0.9%

Semi Final 3

Loveable Rogues – 40.4%
Molly Rainford – 22.2%
Twist & Pulse Dance Co – 17.6%
Dennis Egel – 5.5%
Ashley Elliott – 4.9%
The Zimmers – 3.3%
Lucky – 2.7%
Area 51 – 2.2%
Honey Shazad – 1.2%

Semi Final 4

Sam Kelly – 26.8%
Malakai Paul – 25.2%
Nu Sxool – 20.0%
Be Minor – 9.7%
Brynolf & Ljung – 7.3%
Gatis Kandis – 6.5%
The Sugar Dandies – 2.8%
Beatrix Von Bourbon – 1.1%
Chica Latina – 0.6%

Semi Final 5

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 42.3%
Aquabatique – 14.6%
Billy George – 11.0%
Callum Oakley – 9.0%
Hope Murphy – 7.6%
Face Team – 7.4%
Strictly Wheels – 3.5%
Martyn Crofts – 3.0%
Greig Stewart – 1.6%

The Live Final!

Ashleigh & Pudsey – 39.0%
Jonathan & Charlotte – 25.8%
Only Boys Aloud – 15.8%
Loveable Rogues – 5.7%
Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 4.8%
Molly Rainford – 2.8%
The Mend – 2.6%
Nu Sxool – 1.2%
Sam Kelly – 1.0%
Aquabatique – 0.9%
Kai & Natalia – 0.4%


Source: ITV Talent Post

Nintendo has announced it will launch a new version of its Wii console in 2012.

new, Wii console in 2012?

new, Wii console in 2012?

Nintendo has announced it will launch a new version of its Wii console in 2012.

No technical details about the machine have been revealed, but gamers will get an early preview at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June, The original Wii proved a runaway hit for Nintendo when it launched five years ago. However, sales have been gradually declining in the face of tough competition from PlayStation, XBox 360 and mobile gaming platforms.

Wii was the first console of the current generation to offer motion controlled gameplay. In the past year, Microsoft has introduced its Kinect system for XBox, while Sony launched PlayStation Move.

Nintendo’s chief executive, Satoru Iwata suggested that his company was preparing a fresh innovation.

It will offer a new way of playing games within the home.” he said.

Some observers had speculated that the Wii 2 would simply update the existing machine, adding a handful of features such as high definition graphics.

However Johnny Minkley, an editor at Eurogamer.net, believes that Nintendo could be planning a broader redesign.

The talk was about Wii HD, but I do not see Nintendo doing that. It will do something more innovative.” he told BBC News.

Mr Minkley noted that Nintendo marketed the original Wii around its motion-sensing handset, rather than technical specifications – something he expects to see repeated.

“PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 were part of the graphics arms race.

“Nintendo would never launch a console based on the strength of hardware. Theirs has to have a gameplay point to it,” he said.

Sales slump
The Wii took an early lead in the battle of the consoles soon after it launched in late 2006.

A combination of its relatively low price and its appeal to non-traditional gamers – including women and older players – helped the company sell 20m units in the first year.

In the financial year 2009/10, Nintendo shipped 20.1m Wii consoles. However, that fell to 15.1m in 2010/11.

Market data suggested that Wii’s share of new console sales had slipped to second place behind Sony’s PS3

In the first three months of 2011, PS3 held a 36% share, compared with 32% for the Wii and 31% for XBox 360.

Well, this could be interesting let us know what you think in the comments below.

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